How to get a box of really cool Japanese snacks and toys delivered every month

There are some people who can spend an entire afternoon in a Japanese market, wandering through the aisles of green tea-flavored candy, rice crackers, togarashi, flavored seaweed and salad Pretz.

If this sounds even vaguely familiar, there’s a company designed to deliver the Japanese market experience, in a box, every month. It’s called Skoshbox, and it’s a subscription-based delivery company that will send you boxes of Japanese candies, snacks and toys.

According to the company’s co-founder, Yusuke Ishikawa, most or all items in the Skoshbox boxes can only be found in Japan.

There are three levels of boxes: the classic Skoshbox (four to five snacks), Dekabox (eight to 10 snacks) and the new Japan Box (12 to 14 snacks and or toys).

The boxes feature mystery snacks (you won’t know what they are until they arrive), but some of the past products include Kata Age potato chips, Mr. Mugikko Choco, Petit Bit milk chocolate, Jaga Choco Nano and Juicy Shortcake candies.

In addition to candy and snacks, the Japan Boxes will have toys, with anything from a Pokemon or Gudetama figurine to a “gacha” capsule toy (the ones in the vending machines in Japan).


If you like something you see in the box (say, a Gudetama figurine and Juicy Shortcake candies), you can order more through the website.

Prices for the box subscriptions range from $12 to $35 a month. The Skoshbox and Dekaboxes are available now, and the first Japan Boxes will ship in May.

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