Jonathan Gold’s best Los Angeles restaurants

Hungry? Today you’ll find the best of whatever it is you crave -- in Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best Restaurants, where our Pulitzer Prize-winning restaurant critic names and ranks his favorites.

“If you take into account Los Angeles’ superb produce, its breathtaking diversity and its imagination, it can be one of the most pleasurable places to eat on Earth,” Gold says.

Is it a savory Indian dosa you crave? Pizza as good as anywhere on Earth? Shrimp tacos for less than $2, or sushi for several hundred dollars?

You’ll find this and a lot more, including an interactive map and engaging ways to share where you’ve been and where you want to go with your friends -- whether you’re searching on a desktop or your smartphone. But, you’ll have to be a Los Angeles Times member to see it all. Membership details are here.

Still hungry? Here are Gold’s top 20 restaurants:

1. Providence 2. Urasawa 3. Spago 4. Mozza, etc. 5. Kogi 6. Lucques 7. Animal 8. Cut 9. Jitlada 10. Shunji 11. Rivera 12. Spice Table 13. Ink 14. Baco Mercat 15. Tasting Kitchen 16. Sea Harbour 17. Night + Market 18. Bestia 19. Hinoki and the Bird 20. Melisse


In addition, we’ve created an embeddable map for those who want a simple way to share the information on their own sites. Use the “embed map” link below the map to get the code: