New KFC Go Cup for fried chicken lovers in traffic


KFC has introduced a new menu item for people who absolutely have to have their fried chicken while driving. The KFC Go Cup fits in your car’s cup holder and will never leave you stranded in traffic without your favorite fried chicken ever again.

The cups come filled with your choice of five different items, including the Chicken Littles (sandwiches with chicken, pickles and mayo), Original Recipe Bites, Hot Wings, Original Recipe Boneless or Extra Crispy Tenders. All of the varieties are served with crispy seasoned potato wedges.

The cups are sold for $2.49. No word on where you’re supposed to put those little cups of dip while driving. Maybe they can invent a sort of headpiece with a dip straw for that. Remember the Burger King hands-free Whopper holder?


It should be noted that eating fried chicken in your car prior to the Go Cups was totally doable. You just had to, you know, deal with reaching into a paper bag and stuff.


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