Smugglers provide KFC delivery to Gaza Strip; they advertise on Facebook


Imagine living in an area where you can’t get your hands on your favorite foods. Now imagine how much you’d pay to get them.

When people living in the Gaza Strip get a craving for KFC, there’s no way they can get it. There are no name-brand fast-food restaurants on this small Middle Eastern chunk of land. But if you’re willing to pay a price, you can have a delivery service smuggle a bucket of Original Recipe through tunnels from Egypt, the New York Times reports.

The Al Yamama delivery company, started by Mohammed Madani, will arrange for KFC items to be ordered from a location in Al Arish Egypt and smuggled into the Gaza Strip. They advertise their services on Facebook.


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The need for this unique service came from the restrictions on imports Israel placed on the territory. Over the last couple of years, restrictions have relaxed, and there are now hundreds of tunnels in and out of Egypt through which people smuggle a range of items -- iPads, even cars. And now add Colonel Sanders’ chicken to that list.

According to the New York Times, the price for a 12-piece bucket of chicken runs about $27. In the U.S., you can get a 12-piece meal with two large sides of mashed potatoes and gravy, one side of coleslaw, six biscuits and a chocolate cake for $22.99.

“It has been a dream, and this company has made my dream come true,” a Gaza accountant and KFC delivery customer told the Christian Science Monitor after receiving an order.

A dream that takes about three to four hours to be delivered using multiple taxis, delivery boys and motorcyclists. And you can’t exactly order anything on the menu. Madini limits the orders to chicken, fries, coleslaw and apple pie to cut down on complications.


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