M&M’s Crispy are coming back!


Remember those M&M’s from the ‘90s that tasted like they had a combination of a malt ball and a crispy rice treat in the middle? The ones you obsessively crunched in math class, only to have them discontinued years later? Well, they’re coming back.

Mars Chocolate, the company that makes M&M’s, announced that it is bringing back M&M’s Crispy Milk Chocolate Candies after a decade-long hiatus. The candy is to return to stores nationwide in January.

The M&M’s Crispy candies were introduced as a limited-edition item in 1998. They vanished seven years later, prompting a slew of “Bring Back M&M’s Crispy” groups on Facebook as well as petitions and phone calls to the company.


According to Mars, the crispy M&M’s top the list of items consumers have requested the company bring back. A company representative told The Times that the candy is not being released as a limited-time-only item and will be part of Mars’ regular lineup of treats.

The crispy M&M’s will feature a new green bag and come in single packs, a share size and a 9.9-ounce size for the true fanatics.

And in case you’re wondering, they’re certified kosher.

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