Latest Kickstarter campaign includes a Chipotle burrito and a skydive. You in?

A man in Chicago wants to jump out of a plane with a Chipotle chicken burrito. And he’s created a Kickstarter campaign to ask complete strangers to pay for his burrito skydiving excursion.

Noboru Bitoy, a student at the Art Institute of Chicago, created a campaign on the popular crowd-funding website earlier this month to raise the $8 it would cost him to buy a Chipotle burrito.

“Just how delicious is a chicken burrito from my local Chipotle?” wrote Bitoy on his Kickstarter page. “I will find & display the answer in a creative presentation!”

He met his goal quickly and as promised offered a creative presentation in the form of a video and a burrito graphic. On a scale of “no to wow” he gave it a “yum.” And even though he reached his goal, the money kept coming.


He took the extra money and started trying different variations of chicken burritos. Some on flour tortillas, some on wheat tortillas. Some with salsa, some with salsa and beans. He consumed 24 different variations, but as the donations increased, he decided to make a new goal.

“The other night I was thinking, how would a burrito taste while plummeting back to earth?” Bitoy asked in another video posted on his page. “My next stretch goal is skydiving with the burrito.”

With 21 days left in the 30-day campaign, he has 173 backers who have collectively donated $680.

“To be honest, I did not imagine that the campaign would go as far as it has,” said Bitoy. “Naturally, I feel great about it. Love it or hate it, there’s a place for everything on the internet.”

He’s planning to make the dive some time after March 29 and make an infographic on skydiving with a burrito.

“I’m going skydiving because I want to please my donors by taking Kickstarter to places it hasn’t been yet,” said Bitoy. “Plus, I’ve never skydived.”

For the skydive, he asked for $500: $229 will pay for the tandem dive, $114 to hire a skydiving videographer (seems kind of cheap to pay someone to hold a camera and jump out of a plane, right?), $100 for a vehicle rental and gas to drive to Wisconsin, the closest skydive area to where he lives, and $50 to cover the material costs to print the stickers and T-shirts he’s promised the people who donated money to his campaign.

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