Marshmallow crispy and cookie dough Oreos are coming

Nabisco will launch two new flavors of Oreos: cookie dough and marshmallow crispy.
(Los Angeles Times)

Nabisco is launching two new flavors of its classic Oreo cookie. Snackers, prepare yourselves for cookie dough Oreos and marshmallow crispy Oreos.

The cookie dough variety looks like a regular Oreo with cookie dough-flavored filling. A cookie filled with cookie dough is kind of like a chicken stuffed with eggs... but we have high hopes for this one. 

And the marshmallow crispy flavor has a rice crispy treat on the bag. These are the golden Oreo cookies with a white filling. Oreos and rice crispy treats on their own make a good combo while snacking. If you put the two together, it could be genius.  

Both flavors are expected to launch Feb. 3, but will be available only for a limited time. 


What’s your dream Oreo flavor? Tell us in the comments below. 

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