See for yourself: McDonald’s new Happy Meal character isn’t that McScary

Some have dubbed the new McDonald’s Happy Meal ambassador Happy “McScary” on Twitter.

McDonald’s will introduce a new Happy Meal ambassador named Happy Friday. He’s an animated Happy Meal with arms, legs and a mouth, and apparently, people think he’s scary. 

But is Happy really that scary? Scarier than the fast food chain’s Ronald McDonald clown? McDonald’s also gave us the odd, cuddly version of a red-headed burglar with the Hamburglar.

After photos of the mascot were released, people on Twitter Monday dubbed Happy, McScary and a #McScary soon followed. 

“Holy McScary! That’ll keep the kids away from the fast food” writes @SillyAndiEE


And @BayAreaKahuna21 commented "Happy” looks more McCreepy/McPervey than McScary.”

Happy has two bright eyes and the Happy Meal box’s golden arch handles serve as eyebrows. His mouth opens wide to reveal two impressive rows of glistening white teeth and a pink tongue. If anything, he’s an advertisement for good dental care. 

“Happy...will encourage kids to enjoy fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy and wholesome beverages such as water or juice,” said McDonald’s in a statement

In addition to Happy, McDonald’s is also launching a low-fat yogurt Happy Meal side available July 4.