Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell say ‘ew,’ but eat Michelle Obama’s kale chips


Jimmy Fallon had a very special guest on Thursday’s “The Tonight Show” with a visit from First Lady Michelle Obama. But Mrs. Obama wasn’t there to talk politics. Instead, she wanted the late-night host to eat some kale.

During a segment called “ew” with Will Ferrell, Fallon and Ferrell play teenage girls chatting in a basement. Anyone else having a “Saturday Night Live” flashback?

The first lady joins the girls, and with a sense of humor continues her campaign for healthful eating. In response to a picture card showing a jelly doughnut, she proudly shouts “ew.”


When the girls get to a card with potato chips on it, Obama responds with “ew” in her best snotty teenager voice.

“You know instead of potato chips, a healthy alternative is kale chips,” says Obama. She then pulls out a bowl of kale chips and makes the two comedians eat them, adding the chips are high in omega 3 fatty acids.

“So green,” says Fallon before tentatively taking a chip. Pure comedy, and Obama gets her message across with a laugh. You can watch the entire video above, with the kale chip debacle happening around minute 5.

Do you say “ew” to kale chips? Let us know in the comments below.

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