Mila Kunis is the new face of Jim Beam, learns the Kentucky chew

The Kentucky chew, the practice of chewing your bourbon so that each part of your mouth gets to experience the glorious liquor, isn't exactly attractive. Unless actress Mila Kunis is doing it.


The actress just became the new face of Jim Beam. In a new ad for the bourbon, seen above, Kunis visits the Jim Beam American Stillhouse Distillery and gets a lesson in chewing her bourbon from seventh-generation Beam master distiller Fred Noe.

"I love the fact that there's so much genuine history behind this," says Kunis in the video. "I think it makes it so special."

Kunis and Kentucky bourbon together? Her throngs of fans may not know what to do with themselves, and YouTube commenters are already fawning over the collaboration.

"Not only is she beautiful, she has wit and warmth. Mila is #1 and yes this has made me keen to try bourbon," writes YouTube user Toni Gelonese.

And YouTube user Noel Aranda writes "Love Mila. Love Jim Beam. Great to see two of my favorite things in the world come together. Cheers Mila!"

Other celebrity endorsers of Jim Beam include Sean Connery, Leonardo DiCaprio and Elliot Gould.

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