Olio Pizzeria opens at Grand Central Market


Olio Pizzeria is the latest vendor to open at the quickly expanding Grand Central Market in downtown.

The pizza joint, run by chef and owner Brad Kent, started firing pizzas on Saturday. Kent also has an Olio Pizzeria location in Hollywood.

A small crew works behind the counter rolling out the dough, spooning on a quick swirl of sauce and topping the pizzas. Then the pie are slid into a wood-burning brick oven at the corner of the stall.


When you order your pie, you’re told it will be ready in three to four minutes.

There are plans to add some “foccacia salads,” beer and wine to the menu, but at lunchtime Monday, the opening menu included Margherita, three-cheese and pepperoni pizzas, each $7.90 and Margherita Plus with burrata, and wild mushroom and crisp prosciutto pizzas, each $8.50. The limited menu is expected to run through April 30.

For breakfast, there’s a wood-fired fruit danish with fruit, vanilla bean ricotta custard and caramelized sugar ($7.90).

317 Broadway, Stall B-6 B-7, Los Angeles,

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