You can now buy Padma Lakshmi’s frozen paella -- at Costco

You can now buy a line of frozen food by Padma Lakshmi at Costco. The “Top Chef” judge, model and author is selling Padma’s Easy Exotic Spanish Paella at locations in the Los Angeles area.

Lakshmi’s version of the Valencian rice dish is made with Italian rice, red and green pepper, garlic, saffron, fire-roasted tomatoes, peas, shrimp, chicken and chorizo. The dish was inspired by her time living in Spain, she said.

“I first had this festive and delicious Iberian specialty when I was living and writing about food there years ago,” Lakshmi said in a release. “Since then, it’s remained one of my favorites.”

Lakshmi also developed three other frozen flavored rice and lentil dishes, as well as a range of organic plain rices for her Padma’s Easy Exotic line.


As of now, the paella is only available at stores in Los Angeles. The full line will be available at stores nationwide later this year.

And if you simply can’t get enough Lakshmi, check out the photo gallery of nothing but Padma above.

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