Paula Deen’s new line of butter, a little fat to finish the recipe


Paula Deen finally got her face on some butter, y’all!

The Food Network’s mayo-slinging, butter queen with a drawl has started selling her own brand of butter at Wal-Mart. And her smiling face is on every package.

After announcing more than a year ago her diabetes diagnosis -- and plans to make and promote healthier recipes on her shows -- what’s she doing selling butter?

According to the product descriptions on Deen’s personal website, the butters are just “finishing butters.” Instead of the two cups of butter Deen suggests you use in her 2008 recipe for New York strip steak with tarragon melting sauce, you just need “a small bit of finishing butter” to bring out the flavor of dishes.


There are five varieties, including garden herb, lemon dill, southern grillin’, sweet citrus zest and European-style butter, which has sea salt in it, of course.

Some of the recipes that call for the finishing butters on her site include a beef stew. The recipe reads: “Garnish finished stew in individual servings with scallions and parsley then a quenelle of Paula Deen Garden Herb Finishing Butter.”

Hmm, a quenelle of butter does sound healthier than telling people to put a pat of butter on a bowl of already rich stew. Until you get to the part about the bacon fat she tells you to sauté the vegetables in.


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