Pot on your pizza? Yes, at Mega Ill pizza and vapor lounge in Vancouver

There’s a pizza restaurant in Vancouver where you can munch on a pizza while you vape some weed. And if you’re looking for an even bigger high, you can order pot as a pizza topping.

Mega Ill Pizzaria [sic] Cafe let’s you add pot to your pizza for $10. If you’re 18 and have a cannabis card you’re good to go.

Owners Rocky Tolfree and Mark Klokeid are both cancer survivors who used medical marijuana during their treatment. They got the idea for the pot pizza during a trip to Cambodia’s Happy Pizza, a restaurant that adds THC to its pies.

At Mega Ill they are putting pot on the pizza in two ways. They either drizzle a THC-infused olive oil on the pie or take ground marijuana and sprinkle it directly on the pizza before baking.

Klokeid, who already owned a medical marijuana dispensary in Vancouver, opened the pizza restaurant with Tolfree last December. The two specialize in pizzas with whole wheat hemp heart (shelled hemp seeds) dough.


“I think it’s about where we want people to use cannabis, and I think in a safe 18-plus environment,” said Klokeid. “We don’t serve alcohol. Even recreationally, I think it’s a better alternative.”

Other pizzas on the menu include the “Chinese take-out” with baby corn, baby bok choy, broccoli, roasted chicken, green onions, sesame seeds, bean sprouts and sweet soy and “The Eden” with caramelized onions, olive oil, ricotta cheese, sliced apple, toasted walnuts, baby rocket, balsamic reduction and shaved Parmesan.

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