Buy your prom date a KFC fried chicken corsage


Choosing a corsage that matches your date’s prom dress can be a major source of anxiety for some young men, but KFC has come to the rescue this prom season with a fried chicken corsage that goes with everything.

No this is not a joke. The fast food chain has enlisted the help of Kentucky-based florist Nanz and Kraft to create a drumstick fried chicken corsage kit. You can have it delivered in time for prom and it costs $20.

But if you’re expecting a box with a piece of fried chicken on a bed of flowers to arrive at your door, think again. The florist sends a corsage with baby’s breath and a $5 KFC gift check so you can choose a piece of Original Recipe, Extra Crispy or Kentucky Grilled Chicken for the corsage centerpiece.


KFC released a video, seen above, to promote the corsage. In it, a young man gives his prom date a fried chicken corsage. At first she’s unsure how to respond, then she smells the chicken and realizes it’s the best idea ever. While they slow dance, he leans in for a kiss and she leans in for a bite.

Unfortunately, the corsage kit doesn’t come with laundry detergent for grease stains.

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