Red Bread update: A new shop in 2016 and ‘cracked cookie dough’

Red Bread
After closing earlier this year, Red Bread has announced it will open a larger space in L.A. in 2016 and discontinue its presence at farmers markets.
(Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times)

Red Bread, the bakery known for its wild yeast sourdough breads, has announced plans to reopen in Los Angeles after closing its pint-sized shop in Culver City earlier this year.

Red Bread founder Rose Lawrence says she is developing a much larger space in an undisclosed area of L.A., to open in 2016. When the Culver City location closed in July, she had hoped to be in a new shop this year.

“The Culver City spot was always meant to be a pop-up,” Lawrence said. “Just shy of two years, we were already pushing the limits and busting the seams of what the shoebox cold kitchen, all induction, was capable of, as well as our service area.’

“However, more dramatically -- and I fear this is something that happens to a lot of small restaurants who don’t own their building or have substantial backing -- when we were being heralded in the papers, our landlord decided to jack the rent up or take the lease,” said Lawrence.


The focus on the new space means Red Bread will no longer be a presence at the Wednesday Santa Monica farmers market and the Sunday Mar Vista farmers market.

Nov. 26 will be Red Bread’s last appearance at a farmers market in Los Angeles.

Lawrence said Red Bread plans to launch delivery through Good Eggs to San Francisco and Sacramento by the new year. The delivery service is already available in Los Angeles, and Lawrence plans to introduce new prepared and frozen items including “cracked cookie dough” for people to make at home.

“Red Bread has always held social justice as a core business value,” Lawrence said. “We are so excited to see how we can be involved with Gov. [Jerry] Brown’s work to promote farm to fork.”


Red Bread will also be featured in a special pop-up series at Elysian in January, with four courses and several sides, all celebrating bread and the holiday season.

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