Henry’s Tacos for yellow cheese and the taste of nostalgia

Name of restaurant: Henry’s Tacos, at its new location.

Owner: Omar Vega. He bought Henry’s Tacos from Janis Hood. The Hood family owned and operated the shop for over 50 years.

What dish represents the restaurant, and why? Order the seasoned, ground beef taco (a.k.a. “gringo” taco) for a taste of nostalgia. It’s all about the bright, orange cheese and crunchy taco shell.

Concept: If you grew up eating Mexican food in the 1960s and ‘70s, this was probably the taco of your childhood. Of course there are more-authentic tacos in Los Angeles, but the gringo is all about memories.


Who’s at the next table? Actor/model on cellphone, construction worker, young dad with kids.

Appropriate for...: Everyone.

Uh-oh...: The gorgeous Googie-style sign is gone. The burritos don’t hold as much nostalgia (or flavor) as the tacos.

Service: Quick and friendly. There’s a covered area for dining in the shade and umbrella-topped tables out front.

What are you drinking? Diet Coke. Which means I can order another taco, then stroll across the street for a scoop of blood orange gelato.

Info: 4389 Tujunga Ave, Studio City. (818) 769-0343

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