Super Bowl XLIX: Best 5 food ads include Snoop Dog’s ‘hanger’ cure and more

Now that the big game is over, we can focus our attention on the Super Bowl ads. Here are our top five picks for the best food ads of Super Bowl XLIX, with an honorable mention to Nationwide and Mindy Kaling. (Yes, it's a commercial for an insurance company, but Kaling walking down a grocery store aisle eating a tub of mint chip ice cream like a boss is just amazing.)

Eat24 and Snoop Dogg cure 'hanger':

Who better to cure "hanger" (presumably, hunger + anger) than Snoop Dogg? In Eat24's commercial, Snoop Dogg encounters a hangry Gilbert Gottfried, who needs egg rolls and contemplates eating his pet fish when he craves sushi.

Snickers helps Marcia Brady stop being Danny Trejo:

Danny Trejo as an irritated Marcia Brady is just plain genius. So is the actor they decide to turn Jan into.

Skittles shows the world how everything should be settled:

The only way to settle who gets the last lemon Skittle is with your super-muscled arm. For those paying attention, this is now the only acceptable way to settle anything, ever.

Doritos middle seat

The next time you're on a plane, Doritos has a couple ideas for keeping that middle seat empty.

Avocados from Mexico: First draft pick:

Never doubt the power of an avocado again. In the first draft of the entire world, avocados win.

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