Yuck. Teens use #ThanksMichelleObama to Tweet pics of their nasty school lunches

School lunches have always been gross. Just ask any of my third-grade classmates. They stood with me in line while the lunch lady used an ice cream scoop to ladle watery sloppy Joe filling onto pieces of white bread next to some canned corn. If we'd had fancy camera phones to document our sad lunches, would things have been different?

Sarcastic high school students are using #ThanksMichelleObama on Twitter to complain about their free school lunches, received through Michelle Obama's Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. The students are posting pictures of their dry bread rolls, mystery mush, rotting bananas and apple sauce.

The first lady's act introduced new school lunch requirements from the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2011. Some of the requirements include having a certain amount of vegetables or fruit, whole grains and dairy in the lunches.

But having something from each food group may not translate to a tasty meal.

Richland Center High School student Hunter Whitney in Wisconsin decided the inclusion of an apple with his tray full of mystery mush didn't make it any more appealing. You can view Whitney's tweet along with some of the more memorable Tweets below.

Michelle Obama has yet to respond to any of the Tweets via Twitter.

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