Making Minions out of Twinkies, plus a Twinkie burger with Sriracha

Twinkies Minions

Twinkies Minions made with the Hostess Twinkies Minions edible sticker set. 

(Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times)

Prompo to pudum haga Minions kapee de Twinkies! Sif to pudum sola ads tu Twinkies. Labada tu cora. 

Dont’ speak Minionese? According to the Minions Translator, that’s Minionese for now you can make Minions out of Twinkies. Or you can just eat your Twinkies. It’s your call. 

Hostess, the company behind the Twinkies marshmallow creme-filled snack cakes, has released Minions Twinkies. Each box of cakes comes with edible stickers you can use to decorate your Twinkies to look like Dave, Stuart, Jerry, Jorge, Tim, Mark, Phil, Kevin and of course, Bob. 

There are also Minions chocolate creme Twinkies, but those just have Minions characters on the packaging. 


And when you’re not making Minions out of Twinkies, you can make recipes from “The Twinkies Cookbook,” just republished to celebrate the 85th anniversary of Twinkies.

There are recipes for Twinkie sushi (fruit leather wrapped around pieces of Twinkies with dried fruit and fruity candies), Twinkie chicken salad (chicken salad served in a Twinkie) and Twinkie corndogs. 

For breakfast, Twinkie pancakes. For dinner, Twinkie burgers with Twinkie buns, hamburger meat, bacon, brie cheese and Sriracha. 

Yes, Twinkies and Sriracha. The greatest culinary mash-up yet. 


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