Twinkies are back: Rested, smaller and with fewer calories


Twinkies are slimming down, just in time for their close-up.

As Twinkies show up on store shelves nationwide again, consumers may notice something different -- and not just the packaging touting the “sweetest comeback.” The new line of Twinkies will be smaller in size, and contain fewer calories, according to Hostess Brands, maker of the iconic creme-filled snack food.

But that won’t necessarily translate into a smaller price tag.

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The Associated Press reports that the new boxes hitting shelves list the cakes as weighing 38.5 grams apiece, and coming in at 135 calories. That compares with the old line of Twinkies, which weighed 42.5 grams apiece, and equaled 150 calories.

The new line of Twinkies will also tout a longer shelf life, which will no doubt add to the legend of Twinkies as a food so heavily processed it will survive the Apocalypse.

The news service quoted Hostess as saying that Twinkies will remain the same price: $3.99 for a box of 10. Some retailer may charge different prices. The Daily Dish reported last week that some Walmart stores are selling them for $2.98 a box.

The newly slimmed-down Twinkies are arriving on shelves to unprecedented fanfare. The pop culture universe nearly spun off its axis in 2012 when Hostess Brands Inc. shut down admid financial problems. Metropoulos & Co. and Apollo Global Management, the firms that purchased Twinkies and other Hostess products, is now bringing the snack cakes back to market to a level of hoopla that no advertising campaign could buy.

A representative for Hostess Brands did not return a phone call seeking comment by the time this story was posted online. If that changes, we will update this story.



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