Weed and Nutella together at last, in Nugtella

Nutella goes great with everything, just ask anyone. Especially if that anyone has a California medical marijuana card.

A Nutella-like product called Nugtella combines marijuana with hazelnut chocolate spread, made by Organicares, a medical marijuana dispensary in San Jose.

Although the packaging resembles the original Nutella, the Nutella Ferrero company has nothing to do with Nugtella. The tubs are similar in shape and Nugtella uses the familiar red, white and black color scheme of the logo.


Your mind’s snack wheels might be busy turning, trying to come up with all the ways you could use Nugtella. Here are a couple of ideas from Organicare’s Instagram account, which is full of Nugtella photos. Nugtella on funnel cake, cookies in Nugtella, Nugtella on a brownie.... The possibilities are endless.

Then there’s eating it like real Nutella ... on a spoon by itself, or off one’s fingers, straight out of the jar.

Organicares also sells medical marijuana peanut butter. And it’s chunky.


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