A company in Santa Cruz is making weed beef jerky

There’s Nugtella (hazelnut spread with medical marijuana in it), chunky peanut butter with weed in it, and now, weed beef jerky.

The jerky is made by a Santa Cruz-based company called Badfish Extracts. The company is currently having it’s jerky tested by Santa Cruz Labs, a third party testing facility for the medical cannabis industry.

SCL co-founder and sales director Ian Rice posted a picture of the jerky on the company’s Instagram account calling it “Reef Jerky.”

“I haven’t tasted it yet, but I’d love to get a sample,” said Rice.


The jerky is currently undergoing cannabinoid tests to see how potent the jerky is, figure out exactly what it’s made of and determine which ailments it will best help.

Are you up for chewing on some THC jerky? Let us know in the comments below.

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