White Castle launches breakfast waffle sandwiches


White Castle, known for its small, square hamburgers, is joining the fast food breakfast wars. Just shy of a week after Taco Bell launched its waffle tacos and new breakfast menu, White Castle announced plans to launch a line of waffle breakfast sandwiches of its own.

They include bacon, egg and cheese; sausage, egg and cheese ($2.19) or classic chicken and waffle sandwich with gravy ($2.69). The sandwiches are served on fluffy waffles that the company imports from a bakery in Belgium. You can also get a small container of Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup for dipping.

“We can’t release the bakery name for competitive reasons,” said White Castle Vice President Jamie Richardson.


Richardson described the waffles as having a hint of vanilla and noted that each of the eggs used in any of the menu items is cracked in the restaurant and cooked fresh.

The chain also has an existing breakfast menu of sandwiches on toast or on its signature hamburger buns, as well as French toast sticks and hash browns.

The sandwiches will be available at White Castle locations Sunday. There are no White Castle outlets on the West Coast; the closest to Los Angeles is in Missouri. But if you really want a waffle sandwich, you might be up for a road trip.

Would you go for a Taco Bell waffle taco or a White Castle waffle sandwich? Both? Let us know in the comments below.

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