Now you can ask food critic Jonathan Gold for advice anytime


The self-proclaimed “belly of Los Angeles” has passed on his encyclopedic knowledge of the best food in L.A. to his chatbot twin: Goldbot.

Yes, you heard that right. You can now talk to acclaimed food critic Jonathan Gold any time you want — or at least the robot version of him that now lives on Facebook Messenger.

You can ask Goldbot for a personal restaurant recommendation based on location, type of food or price. The bot will also deliver Jonathan Gold’s latest reviews straight to your device.


Think of Goldbot as you personal L.A. food concierge. Here’s a quick rundown of what he can do:

Find a delicious place to eat. How? Tell him what you’re craving and he’ll tell you what’s good.

Settle the debate about In-N-Out vs. The Habit vs. Five Guys.

(Hint: He’s got other places for you to try.)

Make witty remarks

(Pro tip: Tell him you love him.)

Keep you in the loop. Sign up for the latest so you never miss a new review.

Give it a try!

Talk to Melissa on Twitter @melissaleu. She’s not a bot.