Jonathan Gold’s 10 best dishes of the year

Best dishes of 2013
In 2013, it seemed as if the world’s food establishment finally began to realize the genius of Los Angeles cooking -- and with it the possibility that your next great meal could come from a truck that parked by your favorite coffee roaster on Wednesday afternoons or from a barely renovated pizza parlor in a dingy mini-mall, or that it might involve an elaborate tasting menu or a single taco. A national magazine ignored multimillion-dollar build-outs to honor a tiny startup in a weird L.A. neighborhood as the best new restaurant in the country. (Alma, which was on The Times list for 2012.) The line between high and low cuisine had always been a bit fuzzy here, but this was a year when it practically vanished in the restaurants themselves.

Is it possible to characterize the complexity and wonder of Los Angeles cooking in a list of dishes from new restaurants? Probably not. But here, not without a certain amount of anguish, are the best 10 dishes of the year.
(Los Angeles Times)

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