Holiday Q&A; With Kelly Lamb


Los Angeles-based artist and interior and product designer Kelly Lamb has had a hand in designing the interiors of restaurants and bars such as Malo and El Prado in Silver Lake and has launched a line of tableware based on her signature geodesic themes inspired by architect Buckminster Fuller. (Her geodesic planters are a hit among the design-minded.)

Lamb’s also known for her occasional soirees -- supper clubs held at her Tuscan-style Silver Lake home and studio, part of a hilltop compound that includes the Paramour mansion.

We caught up with Lamb about the holidays, what she’s making now, gift-giving ideas and her favorite holiday cookie:


What do you love about winter holidays in L.A.?

I grew up on the east coast of Massachusetts. So I must admit I do get a little nostalgic for the full seasonal changes of where I grew up; I especially love a white Christmas. But there is nothing better then being able to go to Los Angeles’ flower and farmers markets in December where you can find the freshest vegetables, fruits and flowers, to make the most spectacular celebration of the season.

What’s your favorite holiday dish?

I’m a fool for holiday desserts; they really are one of my biggest downfalls. I love Kim Boyce’s cookbook “Good to the Grain,” which features baking with whole grains. She has a ginger snap recipe that is fantastic. I like to serve them warm from the oven, with a small scoop of green tea ice cream and rose bud tea. Total perfection!

How do you make a table festive?

I really like to think of entertaining as a total experience, so I start with the lighting to set a relaxed and intimate mood. I have a new candle line with three fragrances -- Dawn, Dusk and Midnight -- created after the most magical moments of the day. My favorite scent for a dinner party is Dusk .... The scent has musky tones with a little citrus and powder to create the perfect balance. The candles are in my custom-crafted ceramic vessels. I also like to incorporate fresh flowers and plants to the table; there is nothing like the organic color and look of something so beautiful as a deep burgundy wild rose. Good wine is also a must! It doesn’t have to be expensive as long as it is well balanced with the food you are

What are you planning for your next holiday meal?


I have been reading a lot about the amazing properties of bone marrow broth. I am working on making a bone marrow consomme with sweet potato and ricotta tortellini.

Name three things on your gift wish list.

1) A new kiln! 2) A Matt Connors painting. 3) And a trip to the wine country.

Name three gift-giving ideas.

1) A Todd Hido photograph from the Rose Gallery in Santa Monica would be amazing, or one of his photo books would be fantastic gift if an original photo is not part of the holiday budget. 2) Every year I gift everyone in my family with a magazine subscription. Often they are reasonably priced and it is the gift that keeps on giving all year round. My go-to magazine is “The Week”, which is essentially all the most relevant global news from the week in one great format. 3) My geo-planters and mini bud vases .... The geo-planters work well for people who like the low maintenance of succulents, and the bud vase is a fantastic little statement piece.

What’s your favorite holiday memory?

When I was 8 years old a friend of the family thought it would be cute to gift us a baby lamb. Imagine waking up to a tiny little lamb under the Christmas tree. Things have been wild ever since!



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