David LeFevre’s Fishing With Dynamite to open this month

David LeFevre, chef-owner of Manhattan Beach Post, plans to open his second South Bay restaurant, Fishing With Dynamite, by the end of the month. Two doors down from M.B. Post on Manhattan Avenue, Fishing With Dynamite might be described as East-Coast-seafood-shack-meets-West-Coast-gastropub.

The 1,100-square-foot restaurant accommodates 36 diners, with a six-seat raw bar (topped with a vintage bathtub for holding oysters and shellfish) and tiny cocktail bar. FC Studio designed the space to evoke a beach cottage, through the lens of sunny California: white wood paneling, striped tiles, Eames chairs and antique Japanese buoys hanging from the ceiling.

The raw bar’s daily selections might include Dungeness crab, cherry stone clams and California sea urchin as well as plateaux de fruits de mer in three sizes, dubbed the SS Minnow, the Queen Mary and the Mother Shucker. The menu is divided into New School, Old School, No School and After School selections. New School includes not-so-typical seafood dishes such as grilled octopus with tomato-harissa-date chutney, white beans and preserved lemon; and miso Alaskan black cod with gingered eggplant and Thai basil.

But there will be nostalgia-inducing classics in the Old School category: New England-style clam chowder with bacon and Maryland-style blue crab cakes with housemade pickles and whole grain remoulade.

Not from the sea are No School dishes: flat iron steak and crispy pork belly for example. After School refers to the desserts, including a cold blueberry-lemon shake with warm blueberry-lemon pain perdu.


The website,, is coming soon.


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