A thoroughly modern tea cozy

I’m sitting here tap-tap-tapping on the keyboard and when I reach out to pour a cup of tea, it’s inevitably cold. Maybe I don’t drink fast enough. But I’m also thinking I’m in need of a proper tea cozy (or as the British spell it, cosy) — you know, a little comforter for the teapot that serves to keep the tea warm while you dawdle over a cup and work out the beginning of a blog post.

I don’t go in for flowers or chintz or cozies in the shape of chickens or rabbits. No ruffles, please. I’m thinking maybe something like this thoroughly modern tea cozy from Flock of Tea Cosy, which makes “fine felt tea cosies with a modern bent.”

Wool felt holds the heat in: These are made from imported 1/8-inch-thick felt with a pinked edge and a loop on top for lift-off. They come in two sizes: standard for 4-cup teapots or small for 2-cup pots and are designed by Michealle McLean, a certified tea sommelier from Toronto. If you want to learn more about tea, follow her "intermittent tea tasting blog," A Tasting A Day.

Actually, you can order them in one of two felts, too: in richly saturated colored felt (burnt orange, red, tangerine, etc.) or denser industrial felt, which is a soft mid-brown. Prices: standard, $50, and small, $45, which includes shipping to U.S. from Canada. Multi-hued “Harlequin” cozy in fuchsia/burnt orange, fuchsia/tangerine or red/burnt orange come in small size only, for $48, including shipping.

Gift certificates are available (hint, hint), as are bespoke versions.


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