Judging NFL rivalries by the pizzas the fans order

Judging NFL rivalries by the pizzas the fans order
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We all know how crucial division games are in the NFL. Each team’s fan base wants to dominate their rival’s. Slice, an online and mobile pizza ordering platform, recently released data pertaining to what pizza each NFL fan base is ordering. So basically the only real question remaining is: Which watch party do you want an invite to?

Inspired by the beloved ma-and-pa pizza joints in New York, Slice is a pizza-finding app and online ordering program available in cities across America because sometimes you just can’t be bothered to cook for your tailgate. Sometimes, the best pizza can be found at pizzerias that - gasp­ - you might not be able to find on delivery apps and are generally behind the curve in this digital age. It’s not that the food isn’t Instagram-worthy, these owners are just normal people living normal lives who don’t give a damn about “the feed.” But we all know it’s unrealistic to not play a long a little bit to keep a business thriving nowadays.

So how do they compete? The team at Slice saw the gap and wanted to fill it by providing a simple platform for folks to get the pizza the neighborhood pizza they love while giving small pizzerias a way to stay in the game with the big pizza players.

Now here’s a way every can think about NFL statistics. Being from Music City, I asked the team at Slice what fans of Nashville’s home team are ordering, and the results are in. Titan fans naturally like their wings hot and pepperoni, mozzarella, and onions on their pies. Check out the real fan favorites straight from Slice so you can be the judge of which matchup is dominating the pizza-ordering game.



NFL Rival Fan Base Pizza Toppings & Entrées

New England Patriots vs. New York Jets: The Jets are having a rough season this year, so on the field, it might seem like the Patriot fans got this matchup in the bag. But on the table? The Jets might (finally) have a chance at winning.

New England Patriots|
Toppings: Mushrooms, extra cheese, bacon
Entrées: Salad (Greek, garden, Caesar), Steak and cheese, chicken fingers


New York Jets
Toppings: Sausage, extra cheese, onions
Entrées: Buffalo wings, chicken Parm, pasta with vodka sauce

Winner: New York Jets


Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints: Although the Falcons might gain some initial traction with the classic choices (as well as entertaining at one of the coolest stadiums in the world), yesterday’s underdogs is today’s champion and the Saints fans have a little are coming in hot with the Entrées.

Atlanta Falcons
Toppings: Pepperoni, hand-tossed crust, extra cheese
Entrées: Wings with ranch dressing, green salad, calzone

New Orleans Saints
Toppings: Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms
Entrées: Chicken wings with hot sauce, Caesar salad, chicken Alfredo pasta

Winner: Atlanta Flacons



Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings spark controversy around a fan favorite topping, pineapple, and (surprisingly) favor extra cheese over those in the America’s Dairyland, who favor veggies.  

Green Bay Packers
Toppings: Mushroom, onions, Italian sausage
Entrées: Chicken wings, boneless Buffalo wings, cheesesteak sandwich

Minnesota Vikings
Toppings: Extra cheese, pineapple, Canadian bacon
Entrées: Deluxe burger, calzone, hot wings

Winner: Green Bay Packers


Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens shouldn’t be overlooked as they know how to spice things up with the veggies, but what’s with the spinach, Baltimore? Steeler fans rally back in toppings, sticking with the classics.

Pittsburgh Steelers
Toppings: Extra cheese, bacon, sausage
Entrées: Wings, green salad, Italian hoagie

Baltimore Ravens
Toppings: Onions, green peppers, spinach
Entrées: Cheesesteak sub, Buffalo wings, French fries


Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers


Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins: When it comes to what the fans are ordering, Washington dominates America’s Team. Dallas skews surprisingly produce-heavy.

Dallas Cowboys
Toppings: Mushrooms, extra cheese, black olives
Entrées: Tossed salad, Caesar salad, chicken Parm

Washington Redskins
Toppings: Italian sausage, bacon, green peppers
Entrées: Wings, steak and cheese sub, Greek salad

Winner: Washington Redskins


Seattle Seahawks vs. L.A. Rams: The Rams stingy defense gives the Hawks all they can handle, but when it comes to pizza toppings, the Seahawks order a good game making this a solid matchup.

Seattle Seahawks
Toppings: Black olives, thin crust, Canadian bacon
Entrées: Caesar salad, calzone, fettuccini Alfredo

L.A. Rams
Toppings: Mushrooms, sausage, pineapple
Entrées: Buffalo wings, antipasto salad, Caesar salad

Winner: Seattle Seahawks


If this doesn’t help you order for game day, we’ve got a roundup of the 101 best pies in the country.

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