This Bakery Made a Sausage Roll Into Baby Jesus for Their Nativity Scene

This Bakery Made a Sausage Roll Into Baby Jesus for Their Nativity Scene
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The British bakery chain Greggs has apologized after a scene in their newly released advent calendar was deemed offensive by Christians across the country and the internet. The calendar (which is a departure from the chain’s usual baked goods, sandwiches, and hot drinks) features 24 doors that, when opened, reveal a token (rather than cheese) that can be torn off and redeemed at any local branch (there are over 1,700 in the U.K.).

Behind each tear-off token door are Christmas-themed pictures, each depicting classic winter holiday scenes that highlight Greggs products: Three wise men follow a cupcake in the sky, a miniature Greggs bakery sits in a snowy snow globe, a woman kisses a baked pastry under some mistletoe. Most of the images are silly, but one in particular has certainly ruffled some feathers. the picture the three wise men are gathered around a manger which holds not the baby Jesus but instead a Greggs sausage roll. The image was meant to be a lighthearted joke, but found to be offensive by a number of people who pointed out that because Jesus was Jewish, it would have been forbidden for him to eat pork. users on Twitter are either amused at the outrage or annoyed that the sausage roll scandal has garnered so much attention.

Advertisement a statement, Greggs said: “We’re really sorry to have caused any offence, this was never our intention.”

The Advent calendar goes on sale on November 20 in selected Greggs outlets on and costs £24 (about $32 U.S.).

This sausage roll scandal will certainly blow over fairly quickly, unlike some of the 10 most controversial foods on earth that continue to cause outrage and delight in equal measure.

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