These are America’s favorite Thanksgiving side dishes

The Daily Meal

Everyone worries about cooking the perfect turkey on Thanksgiving, but true fans of this holiday know one thing: It’s all about the sides. No Thanksgiving plate is complete without those sweet and salty essentials... the gravy, the green bean casserole, the mashed potatoes. But what side dish reigns No. 1 in America’s heart?

Ranker, a website that allows you to vote on literally anything, ran a poll asking Americans what their favorite fixings were. All of the Thanksgiving classics were on the poll, from cranberry sauce to cornbread and green beans and everything in between. There were some oddities included as well. Garlic bread isn’t a staple on our Thanksgiving table, and neither is asparagus, but hey! Some people must include those sides.

Check out top 15 sides from Ranker below:

15. Cranberry sauce
14. Whipped sweet potatoes
13. Garlic bread
12. Cranberry jelly
11. Green beans
10. Sweet potato pie
9. Crescent rolls
8. Baked sweet potatoes
7. Corn on the cob
6. Green bean casserole
5. Macaroni and cheese
4. Bread
3. Gravy
2. Stuffing
1. Mashed Potatoes

As you can see, the classics reigned supreme. Mashed potatoes, a classic comfort food that can be found on dinner tables all year long, was the top Thanksgiving side. It was followed closely by stuffing, gravy, and bread. That just proves there’s nothing wrong with the standards. Meanwhile, sweet potatoes pop up three times in the top 15, likely because families across America prepare this particular vegetable differently.

Some of our personal favorite got a little less love than expected. Green bean casserole at No. 6? Cranberry sauce at No. 15. We need justice for the cranberry sauce! But, hey, the people have spoken. If you want to know our favorite Thanksgiving side dishes, here are our 12 most popular sides, ranked.