Bottled golden milk and matcha is here to save you from overpriced cafés

(Monning / Getty Images/iStockphoto)
The Daily Meal

Iconic Protein has been making bottled protein shakes for a while now - but their new bottled beverages, Coconut Matcha and Golden Milk, are the drinks of our healthiest dreams. They’ve taken two of the trendiest wellness tonics and made them accessible for on-the-go nutrition, offering sealed bottles of them for a lower price than a trendy juice shop or café could ever pour in a to-go mug.

Each bottle is 130 calories and made from real ingredients. They also have a perk missing from your typical matcha latte - protein. Iconic uses grass-fed whey protein to up the ante on the nutrition of the bottle. They also manage to keep the sugar content to an impressive 3 grams, a tenth of that of your typical sweetened latte.

They keep the beverages lactose-free, so lactose intolerant consumers are free to enjoy.


The Coconut Matcha bottle embodies the oh-so-trendy matcha latte, a caffeinated delight of milk and matcha that replaces morning coffee. Hipster cafés have been serving matcha lattes with foamy milk and sweetener, in a quickly-expiring paper to-go cup. The Iconic Coconut Matcha drink is made with coconut cream. Coconut products are known to add a hefty dose of nourishment to any beverage, boosting hair health, brightening complexion, and sustaining hunger for longer.

The Golden Milk bottle is perfect for later in the day, when you no longer want to be guzzling caffeine. The wellness tonic has been used by many as an immunity-booster, sleep aid, and cozy fall beverage. Making your own golden milk, however, often takes some dedication and a recipe. This bottle makes it accessible and easy to sip on a nourishing bedtime treat. Alongside the turmeric and ginger of a typical mug of golden milk, this iteration adds protein to the equation.

These exciting new beverage options will hit the shelves in January of 2018, right in the midst of winter. This new bottled brew is bound to be the most delicious part of our winter wellness routine.