Google finally switches cheeseburger emoji’s cheese placement after major public outcry

The Daily Meal

Roughly a month after seemingly the entire internet rallied against them, Google has finally changed the placement of the cheeseburger emoji’s cheese in their Android mobile operating system.

The burger’s cheese was formerly placed on top of the bottom bun, where many felt that it should not go.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai tweeted that the company would “drop everything else we are doing” and address the issue if people could agree on the correct way for the cheese to go.

Advertisement was a massive debate in the thread, with the majority vetoing cheese on the bottom., there were a few who swam against the current and had the audacity to think that cheese belongs on the bottom., thanks to the loud voices of everyone on the internet, Android users who install the 8.1 update will see their cheeseburger emoji’s cheese laying safely atop the patty, under the tomato, where it was clearly always meant to belong. Do you prefer your burgers to be IRL rather than on your phone screen? Check out the 101 best burgers in America for 2017 - and put your cheese wherever the heck you want.