Sparkling water is still the hottest beverage among millennials

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This year, you can expect to see a lot more sparkling drink options in stores, bars, and restaurants.

The steady rise of carbonated water brands like LaCroix can be attributed to their target demographic: health-conscious millennials who are nixing soft drinks in favor of sugar-free sparkling waters. These youthful consumers won’t compromise on taste, and brands have adapted by flooding the market with sophisticated flavors like pamplemousse and elderflower.

The bubbly trend hasn’t stopped at water. There has been resurgence in sparkling beverages like kombucha, cold brew, and wine. Bars across the country are mixing up sparkling cocktails, and are riding the wave of success through social media. Instagram is the perfect platform for brands to connect with fizzy drinkers, providing a space to post close-up, drool-worthy content that gets mouths watering.

Anne Chaplin, a new mom and loyal La Croix fan, posted a photo of herself on her Instagram wearing a shirt that reads La Croix Over Boys.


This trend is one we can get behind, so say cheers to a new kind of bubbly! And check out some of these cocktails for inspiration you can drink to!

In the video below, celebrity caterer Andrea Correale shows you how to make a Valentine’s Day punch.

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