Foods women over 40 should never eat

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As you get older, you might start to notice that your digestive system reacts differently to foods you used to eat without any issue. That’s completely normal - but taking care of your gut health can help mitigate these uncomfortable changes and keep things regular.

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These changes, however, will be different for everyone. While some people will do fine with sugary foods, high-fat foods, and processed snacks, other people might find that their stomachs object. The same could be said for dairy, tomatoes, spicy foods, or really anything.


Certain foods have been cast out as “unhealthy,” like cheese, butter, sugar, or pizza. But in reality, eating moderate amounts of these foods isn’t going to do your body any harm. And there’s nothing about turning 40 that irreversibly alters your ability to eat the foods you enjoy. If anything, 40 is a time of celebration - you’ve reached a new chapter of life, one that will hopefully be filled with quality time with your loved ones, laughter, and a healthy and stress-free relationship with food.

However, there are certain nutrients that your body needs that certain food replacements might deprive from your diet. Additionally, there are some foods that could make menopause symptoms worse. With these health concerns in mind, we advise you steer clear of (or at least limit) these foods.

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