Wolfgang Puck expands Spago with new outdoor dining room and lounge

A rendering of the new Spago Pavilion outside of Wolfgang Puck's Beverly Hills restaurant.
A rendering of the new Spago Pavilion outside of Wolfgang Puck’s Beverly Hills restaurant.
(Leo Vicente of VX Design Solutions)

Wolfgang Puck is expanding Spago with a 6,500-square-foot outdoor dining area in front of the Beverly Hills restaurant.

The new space, called Spago L’extérieur, is located in the Canon Drive cul-de-sac. It will feature a large tent with slotted walls, vented semi-private seating areas, a cocktail lounge and lobby. The modular structure is designed to adapt to changing dining restrictions.

“The restaurant industry is the second largest employer in the United States,” Puck said in a release. “We need to get our people back to work. Finding solutions that will make that happen and keep our guests safe means thinking outside the box. The structure is just the beginning of new ideas that will provide a promising future for our industry.”


The tent will accommodate 109 people, including 30 seats in the lounge area. Dining area tables will be eight feet apart.

Diners will be able to order from the full Spago menu in the tent, and the existing Spago patio dining area also will be available.

Spago L’extérieur is expected to open in early March.