Do you sit at a desk all day? Here’s the perfect stretch for your back

Yoga Medicine founder Tiffany Cruikshank has the perfect stretch for your lower back and legs. Try this! 


Oh, your aching back.

Yoga Medicine founder Tiffany Cruikshank says this easy, gentle stretch can help with that: “This is a great pose to do at the end of the day, after you’ve been sitting at your desk for many hours.”

What it does

Releases a tense, tired back and helps with an overall sense of stress release -- something we can all use.


What to do

Grab a strap-like object -- such as an old tie, a towel or a belt. Lie down someplace quiet and comfortable, maybe even your bed, and loop the strap around the ball of your right foot. Bend your knee in toward your chest and then slowly extend the bottom of your foot toward the ceiling. If that’s too hard, allow for a slight bend in your knee, and remember: Flexibility come with time and practice.

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“It’s helpful to just close your eyes and see if you can relax your lower back, your hips” and feel a “gentle release through the back of the leg... and take tension off those muscles that have been working so hard at your desk all day.” Release and repeat on the other leg.

How much

One to two minutes on each leg. Cruikshank suggests making the effort to do this daily. Your back will thank you.


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