This travel gear does double duty as workout gear


Have you ever been frustrated when your hotel either has no gym or its “fitness center” is actually a tiny room with a stationary bike and a treadmill?

Here are three travel backpacks that double as a workout. (Two are specifically designed for weight training, while the third is perfect for hauling fitness gear.)

Apologies for taking away your last excuse to skip that workout while on the road ...


Two Backpacks from EvolvedMotion

When confronted with a gym-free hotel, personal trainer Emily Schromm used her suitcase to perform bicep curls and weighted overhead squats to get in a workout while on the road. But handles and ergonomics often got in the way. That gave her the idea for EvolvedMotion, a line of backpacks that address the no-gym issue:

Just add water

The EmPack top load backpack/duffel is made with rugged military-grade Cordura fabric. It has tuck-away cushioned backpack straps and six padded handles that can all be used for weight training. Each backpack can be ordered with up to four reservoirs — and each reservoir holds up to 15 pounds of water or 21 pounds of sand. Schromm has filled EmPack’s reservoirs with ocean water, sand or water from a hotel tub. Destinations where she has trained with this bag include Germany, Denmark, Alaska, Colorado (trail running and hiking), Kauai (mountains and trails) and the beaches of Costa Rica. The EmPack website includes training videos for indoor and outdoor workouts. The duffel is 21 inches long by 12.25 inches wide and 7 inches deep. It is available in orange, purple or black. $149, with 2 reservoirs.


Fitness on the run

The Nomad is a smaller version of EmPack. Schromm said it was designed for trail runners and hikers to get in an upper-body workout, and more, on the road. The Nomad is similar in fabric and design, but includes a front easy-access pocket and removable shoulder straps, and can hold one reservoir and one 2-liter hydration pack. The Nomad is 19.5 inches long, 8.25 inches wide and 6.75 inches deep. The Nomad begins shipping by early September. It comes in navy blue and olive green. Starting at $99 for one reservoir, or $114.99 for a reservoir and a hydration pack.


For the multitasker

Trailkit, a well-organized, multi-pocket duffel/backpack from Osprey, can carry a lot of exercise whether you cycle, climb, ski, swim or do yoga. It has a tuckaway pocket for a helmet, a ventilated, zippered shoe compartment and zippered side pockets to hold a water bottle, snacks, etc. Yogis can either stow a folded yoga mat or strap their mat to the bag with straps from a zippered pocket. TrailKit has three rugged handles, which could help you transform it into a workout tool for squats or curls. It is 21.7 inches high, 13.4 inches wide and 11 inches deep, and comes in anthracite black, lightning gray and ice blue. $120,