We found plenty of gardening inspiration in this Hunter + Target collab


It’s finally here: British brand Hunter and Target have unveiled an outdoor gear collaboration that features clothing, shoes and more. And it’s selling fast.

And we couldn’t help but think: There’s plenty here for the gardener (and maybe inspiration for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts).

Here are seven items — many available in fun hues such as poppy pink or butter yellow, as well as traditional black and hunter orange — we’re looking forward to trying out in our backyards:


1. Ankle boots

When it’s time to get dirty, you want ankle boots with a lugged sole that can protect your toes, won’t get too hot in the summer months, hose down when the day is done — and maybe even withstand a run to the local nursery. That’s a tall order. Ankle boots: $35

2. Slides

Sometimes you just want to make a quick dash to the compost bin. These slides also hose down. Striped slide: $25


3. Mud tray

If you’re in and out of the yard, you’ll want a boot tray to wrangle it all: $20

4. A tote

There’s always something that needs coralling in the garden, whether it’s weeds or freshly cut flowers or freshly plucked tomatoes. This tote also hoses down. (Are you noticing a trend?) Rubber-handled tote bag: $30


5. Wagon

And there’s always something that needs hauling. This also folds flat in case you want to skip the store cart and bring your own. Wagon: $80

6. Sun shade

When it’s really hot and you’re working up a sweat, a wide-brimmed hat just makes you sweat more. This can also work in a pinch to protect delicate plants on a particularly scorching day. Portable sun shade: $60


7. Drink cozie

Speaking of the heat: Those tomato plants aren’t the only ones that need to slake their thirst. Beverage cooler: $3