Lisa Frost


Lisa Frost

Lisa Frost was flying home to see her parents after wrapping up a summer job and graduating in May from Boston University at the top of her class.

Frost, 22, planned to stay with her family in the south Orange County town of Rancho Santa Margarita for a few days before heading north to find a job in the Bay Area. She had just wrapped up a summer job at a Boston-based food magazine and hoped to work in the wine industry or enroll at a local college and continue her studies.

Her last day at the magazine was Friday. The staff took her to breakfast and discussed the possibility that Frost launch a San Francisco edition of the magazine, Where To Eat.

"She was just starting her life," said Tom Frost, her father.

She had called her dad right before boarding the plane. "I told her I loved her," Tom Frost said. "She told me she loved me too. 'OK, see you there Dad.' "

She is survived by her father and her mother, Melanie, and her 18-year-old brother, Daniel.

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