The problems and potential of South L.A.

Is the area well served by its political leaders? Have relations between its residents and the police improved? How far should city leaders go to attract new businesses? All week, author and political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson debates Joe R. Hicks, vice president of Community Advocates Inc. and a KFI-AM (640) talk-show host.

  • 1

    Joe Hicks says South L.A. would benefit from more competition in business and education. Earl Ofari Hutchinson says government should play an active role in fixing struggling neighborhoods.

  • 2

    Earl Ofari Hutchinson says elected officials haven’t done enough to stop racially motivated violence. Joe R. Hicks says our leaders must address illegal immigration to decrease black-brown tension.

  • 3

    Joe R. Hicks says using eminent domain to benefit private developers is an abuse of government power. Earl Ofari Hutchinson says eminent domain, if exercised fairly, can be a useful tool to improve South L.A.'s economy.

  • 4

    Earl Ofari Hutchinson says the LAPD and other police forces still have a long way to go. Joe R. Hicks says gangs, not police, are the true scourge of South L.A.

  • 5

    Joe R. Hicks says L.A.'s black leadership is stuck in the past. Earl Ofari Hutchinson says government and businesses, not local leaders, have failed South L.A.