Letters: Photo hits home

Re “The face of war,” April 24, and “Georgia gun bill signed,” April 24

Whew! I was so relieved to read that the young boy posing with the Kalashnikov rifle was from Syria.

My first impression was that he hailed from the state of Georgia and was legally headed to a public place like a bar, church or government building. I reasoned he's much too young.

But then I thought, well, we're shocked by the U.S. gun culture's seeming acceptance of guns in schools, so I surmised that it'll only be a matter of time before a caption under the picture of a boy like the one from Syria will read “The face of America.”

Rick Conrad

As I stared at the photo on the front page of The Times of a young boy holding a rifle and an ice cream cone, I had only one thought: shame on us.

If we're stupid enough to kill one another over religion, land or any other concocted reason, the least we could do is keep the children safe from harm.

Matt Giorgi

Now that guns can be carried just about everywhere in the state of Georgia, please enlighten me: When the good guy with a gun becomes a bad guy with a gun and starts shooting people, and the good guys with guns return the fire, how will the police distinguish between the good guys with the guns and the bad guys with the guns? Will they shoot everybody with a gun and let God sort it out?

Hmm, sounds like war. The NRA and its followers have created an interesting culture. Would you want to raise your family there?

Frank A. Ferrone
El Cajon

Growing up in Texas gave me respect for guns — but not for those who hide behind them for political gain.

Georgia seems to be overrun by folks with an agenda other than the safety of their children or their church-loving folk.

I've seen it all, I thought, but never have I met a bar owner who would like to mix drinks with guns.

And please note that I support our 2nd Amendment rights.

What bothers me are the political and gun lobbies that don't ask us to train and learn gun safety.

Our military taught me, and I can shoot the eye out of a rattlesnake at 100 feet. Can every gun owner in Georgia do that?

Marla Burke
Kentfield, Calif

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