25 Mother’s Day gifts you can buy in L.A. for astrology fans

mother opening gift box full of zodiac signs
(Micah Fluellen / Los Angeles Times)

If your mother is someone who looks to the stars to find meaning in life, why not treat her to something special this Mother’s Day: a zodiac-inspired gift that appeals to her metaphysical side.

From feminine new moon circles to palm readings and aura portraits, Los Angeles has a lot to offer when it comes to astrology and astrology-adjacent options. So we have compiled a list of New Age gifts and experiences in L.A. just in time for Mother’s Day on May 8.

In anticipation of the holiday, we asked Cody Channel, Los Angeles astrologer and intuitive healer, for a horoscope specifically aimed at Mother’s Day. Print out the horoscope below, personalize it and attach it like a card to one of the following gift ideas. Trust us, mom will appreciate it way more than brunch:


Mother’s Day Horoscope

On May 8th, the sun and Uranus will be joining together to activate unique and bold demonstrations of affection. This is a time where we may feel pulled to celebrate our mothers in a way that is less traditional and more aligned with our dreams of the future. This is a great time to try something new and to share in experiences that excite the soul, such as adventuring in a fairy forest or taking a bold risk in the way you express yourself! The sun is aligned with the constellation of Cassiopeia, the queen on the throne, while the moon is aligned with the Leo constellation, the royal of the zodiac, adding to the emotionally expressive and dramatic energy. This is a great day for pampering and gassing up the queens in your life!

Astrologers, tarot readers and spiritual practitioners tell us what energies will be heading our way in 2022.

Dec. 30, 2021


1. Susan Alexandra Star Sign jewelry

A woman's lips and neck with two necklaces draping on her chest
Susan Alexandra Star Sign necklace, top, $148 and Sun, Moon & Rising Necklace, bottom, $158.
(Bao Ngo)

Susan Korn’s whimsical Star Sign collection for Susan Alexandra was designed as a salve for tough times. “People always tell me that they feel safe when they wear our pieces and that is what I wanted to create — beautiful, personal amulets,” Korn says.

🛍️ Available at American Rag and online at


2. Written natal chart report and reading with astrologer Cody Channel

Astrologer Cody Channel
Astrologer Cody Channel
(Nenah Bondi)

Astrologer Cody Channel will help mom explore her emotional, physical and spiritual side with a written natal chart report and reading. The report includes 10 pages of channeled material combined with the astrological foundations of her birth chart. A PDF will be delivered via email one week after purchase and includes a follow up 30-minute phone call to go over questions.

🛍️ Book an appointment at


3. Aura portrait

Norah Flatley
(Julia Summers / For The Times)

What color is mom’s aura? Is her colorful energy field red or orange? Pink or blue? Book an appointment for an aura portrait and find out at Auragami Studio in Chinatown. Clairvoyant readings and color analysis are also available.


💰 $55 for a private session
🛍️ Book online at


4. Palm reading with Nicole Nezera

A magnifying glass over an outstretched hand
Palmist Nicole Nezera reads palms in both English and Spanish, in person and via Zoom.
(Rad & In Love )

Former film-producer-turned-palmist Nicole Nezera describes herself as a practitioner and teacher who brings “a generous spirit of kindness and compassion to my work.” Sounds like the perfect vibe for mom. Nezera reads palms in both English and Spanish and offers consultations in person and via Zoom.

💰 A one-hour palm reading is $195. Virtual shamanic healing sessions are also available for $220 on Zoom and $280 in person.
🛍️ Book an appointment at or email


5. The Standard’s ‘Planet Standard Astrology Deck’

Planet Standard Astrology Deck, $50.
Planet Standard Astrology Deck, $50.
(The Standard )


Who knew the Standard hotel had an in-house astrologer? Capitalizing on that, the Standard has released “the Planet Standard Astrology Deck,” a deck of cards using hotel images and words by Lori Bell, the Miami hotel’s resident astrology expert. Pair it with a night at the Standard — we refuse to suggest brunch — and you’ve got a memorable Mother’s Day.

🛍️ Available at the Standard in West Hollywood as well as online.


6. Astrological tea cup

Fine bone china tea cup
Fine bone china tea cup and saucer from Spitfire Girl, $58.
(Spitfire Girl )

Mom will think of you every time she sips from this fine bone china astrological tea cup from Spitfire Girl. All tea cups come with a cup and saucer and are packaged in an elegant blue gift box with 24-karat gold accents. Mom will love that it’s dishwasher safe. Go a step further and load it in the dishwasher when she’s done, which is a gift unto itself.

🛍️ Available at



7. Baggu zodiac reusable totes

A Taurus tote from the Baggu reusable zodiac collection. $12.
A Taurus tote from the Baggu reusable zodiac collection. $12.

Baggu’s graphic reusable tote available in the 12 signs of the zodiac is so much fun, mom will want to use it for more than the grocery store. Each bag is made of recycled ripstop nylon, folds into a flat 5-inch by 5-inch pouch and is durable enough to carry 50 pounds.

🛍️ Available at Greenwood Shop in Studio City and online


8. Atum fine fragrance

Bottle of Atum Fine Fragrance Fire
Atum Fine Fragrance Fire, $125 at Spitfire Girl.
(Spitfire Girl )

The Atum Fine Fragrance line is hand-poured and designed to complement each of the four elements of astrology: Fire (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius); Earth (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn); Air (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) and Water (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces).


💰 $125.00
🛍️ Available at Spitfire Girl and online.


9. Talon zodiac sterling silver signet rings

7 different silver zodiac signet rings
The Talon zodiac signet rings in sterling silver.

The traditional signet ring gets a modern update courtesy of this astrological line from Talon jewelry. Each ring is engraved with a different zodiac sign’s symbol — just choose mom’s and you have a personal, thoughtful gift.

💰$180 in sterling silver and $685 in 14-karat yellow gold. Necklaces are $145 in silver and $585 in 14-karat gold.
🛍️ Available online and at Esqueleto in Los Feliz.


10. Meditate throughout L.A. with Sit in the City cards

Red, pink and purple cards fanned out
The deck includes 48 cards that combine for 540 unique things to do in L.A.
(Ken Greenly)


Seek out moments of bliss in Los Angeles courtesy of the Sit in the City meditation cards, designed by meditation teacher Kim Genkinger. The 48-card deck includes 18 sit cards (your inner journey) and 30 spot cards (your outer journey), including stops at Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens, Malibu Hindu Temple and Wayfarers Chapel in Palos Verdes. The deck comes with a guide book that offers tips on how to use the deck, a map and meditation techniques.

🛍️ Available at the Shop at the Broad museum and


11. Living the Signs: Astrology for Radiant Embodiment Workbook

Living the Signs: Astrology workbooks
Living the Signs: Astrology for Radiant Embodiment, $35.

This popular series of 12 workbooks by astrologer Britten LaRue and designer Angela George helps to understand sign wisdom and lunar cycles. The workbooks offer journaling prompts, tarot spreads, creative activities and suggested lunar rituals for each sign.

🛍️ Available at Otherwild in Los Feliz and online.


12. House of Intuition tarot candles

Tarot candles in different colors on two shelves
Tarot candles, at House of Intuition in Echo Park. $18.
(Lisa Boone )


House of Intuition carries a wide variety of astrological candles, but on a recent visit, a salesman suggested the Major Arcana Empress candle for Mother’s Day because it exudes “major mom vibes.”

🛍️ Available at the House of Intuition in Silver Lake, Highland Park and West Hollywood and online


13. Session with Amanda Yates Garcia

Amanda Yates Garcia is a local witch
Amanda Yates Garcia is a local witch.
(Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles Times)

Using tarot, scrying, pendulums, runes and other forms of intuitive counseling, Amanda Yates Garcia, known as the Oracle of L.A., offers clarity through elemental divination sessions. Sessions last one hour and can be performed in person or via Skype or telephone. Garcia offers several other types of sessions, as well as gift certificates.

🛍️ Book online at


14. Premium access to the Chani Nicholas app

The Chani app
The Chani app offers free horoscopes as well as premium content.
(The Chani app)

Popular astrologer Chani Nicholas’ Chani app is free to download and offers horoscopes and weekly podcasts on the week ahead. For more detailed content, treat mom to a premium subscription, which unlocks information about her birth chart as well as access to workshops, transits and a library of meditations and affirmations.

💰$11.99 a month
🛍️ Available at Apple’s App Store


15. Maya Brenner gold zodiac necklace

A yellow gold chain with a Pisces pendant
Maya Brenner’s intricate zodiac pendant, $595.
(Tiana Menelli)

What’s mom’s sign? There will be no need to ask when she’s wearing this delicate zodiac pendant necklace by Los Angeles jewelry designer Maya Brenner. An added bonus: the 14-karat yellow gold box slide chain can be adjusted from choker length to 22 inches long.


🛍️ Available at Midland in Silver Lake and Culver City and online.

I love myself. I am beautiful. It was an unseasonably chilly night for June in Los Angeles.

July 10, 2019


16. Drunk Astrology candles

A candle that says "Taurus: Most Known for Getting Your Way or Starting a War"
Drunk Astrology, astrological sign candles
(Drunk Astrology)

What better way to tease your favorite astrology-obsessed moms in your life than with a hand-poured candle that includes witty “Zodiac Superlatives” such as “Gemini: Most Popular for Knowing Everything About Nothing” and “Taurus: Most Known for Getting Your Way or Starting a War.” The truth hurts. (Well, perhaps.)

🛍️ Available online and in person at Tansy in Burbank


17. Coffee and tattoos at Supersweet Tattoos and Coffee

women sit at a pink coffee bar
Supersweet Tattoos and Coffee
(Lisa Boone / Los Angeles Times )

Surprise mom with coffee and a tattoo at the charming Supersweet Tattoos and Coffee in Echo Park. Whether a constellation tattoo or star sign, she’ll enjoy the ambiance, as well as being there with you. We’re told walk-ins are an option, but it’s best to book ahead.


💰Price is determined by the tattoo artists, but $75 or $150 deposits are required depending on the booking
🛍️ Book online at


18. ‘Astrology. The Library of Esoterica’

"Astrology. The Library of Esoterica," $40
“Astrology. The Library of Esoterica,” $40
(Taschen )

The second volume in Taschen’s Library of Esoterica series explores astrology’s place in history, from Egyptian temples to contemporary art. Journalist and scholar Andrea Richards emphasizes the intellectual and metaphysical aspects of astrology, or, the “patterns and stories and the transmissions of stories between generations.” With a forward by noted astrologer Susan Miller.

🛍️ Available at Taschen, Hollywood and online.


19. The ‘Supra’ Oracle deck

The 'Supra' Oracle deck of cards
The “Supra” Oracle deck, $46
(Theodora Coleman)


Beautifully made, the Supra Oracle deck is a looser version of tarot cards, with more room for interpretation and an emphasis on Jungian psychology. A complementary Supra guide book is recommended, as it offers insight into the cards you draw.

💰$46 for the cards, $32 for the guide book
🛍️ Available at Goldbug in Pasadena.


20. Zodiac stickers

Capricorn zodiac sticker
Capricorn zodiac sticker at Spacedust in Echo Park.
(Lisa Boone / Los Angeles Times)

If your mom is the type that doesn’t want you to spend any money on her, “splurge” on an inexpensive zodiac sticker from Spacedust in Echo Park. The store, which is on a strip with other stores perfect for window shopping, also offers tarot candles, Sea Witch botanicals and zodiac art prints.

🛍️ Available at Spacedust in Echo Park


21. Houseplants based on mom’s zodiac sign

An air sign, Libras are drawn to the peace lily, a no-fuss spathiphyllum.
An air sign, Libras are drawn to the peace lily, a no-fuss spathiphyllum.
(Alycea Tinoyan For The Times)

We did some research and came up with the best houseplant for every zodiac sign. If mom is a Libra, for example, give her a plant that is not terribly fussy such as the peace lily, a spathiphyllum that flowers in the spring..

🛍️ At one of the 41 best neighborhood plant shops to explore with mom.


22. Even better, a California native plant based on mom’s star sign

Illustration for story about new year new you
(Lively Scout / For The Times)

Does your mother bristle at the sight of invasive plants? Do nonnative species from the Mediterranean and South Africa make her apoplectic? Buy her a California native plant based on her star sign. We want her to be happy on Mother’s Day. Consult our handy guide here.

🛍️ There are plenty of plant shops that specialize in native plants on our list of 39 fantastic nurseries in Southern California.


23. Shop for astrology books at Dreams

Astrology books
Astrology books at Dreams for Mother’s Day.

Shop for astrology books at Dreams in Atwater Village after taking a walk on Mother’s Day morning through the Atwater Farmer’s Market across Glendale Boulevard. The store is stocking a variety of books for Mother’s Day, including “the Moon Sign Guide: an Astrological Look at Your Inner Life,” “In Your Stars: Discover the essence of astrology,” “Numerology: A Beginner’s Guide to the Spiritual Meaning of Numbers,” ’the Little Book of Astrology: An Accessible Introduction to Everything you need to Enhance your Life using Astrology,’ ‘Astro Birthdays’ and ‘Astrology of You and Me.’

🛍️ Available at Dreams


24. Shop for crystals at Spellbound Sky

A selection of crystals and candles
A selection of crystals at Spellbound Sky.
(Lisa Boone/Los Angeles Times )

“We call them little soldiers,” Martin Anguiano says of the crystals at Spellbound Sky, the Silver Lake metaphysical shop he founded with Mark Phillips 11 years ago. His picks for Mother’s Day include Rose Quartz, which if you’re a believer purportedly opens your heart, Chrysocolla, which supposedly empowers goddess (mother) energy and Angel Aura Quartz, which is marketed to those seeking inner peace. Bring mom along to peruse the wide selection of crystals and minerals which are clearly labeled, reasonably priced and come packaged in gift boxes with descriptions. Ritual candles, jewelry and essential oil potions too.


🛍️ Available at Spellbound Sky


25. Crystals and wine pairing ritual kit from Ace of Cups

Bottles of wine and crystals
A winter solstice edition pairing of wine and crystals from Ace of Cups, $150.
(Ace of Cups )

Sommelier Fahara Zamorano and Madison Young, owner of the Mid-City crystals shop Open Eye Crystals, have teamed up to to create a wine and crystals pairing for every seasonal shift. The Winter Solstice Ritual Kit from Ace of Cups includes two sommelier-selected, biodynamic wines paired with ethically-sourced crystals and intentional rituals to help you navigate the solstice. If you think your mom would prefer the forthcoming Summer Solstice Ritual Kit, the pair are offering a “pre-sale gift certificate” for the kit which will ship in early June or you can pick it up in person at Open Eye Crystals.

🛍️ Available at Ace of Cups