Essential California: The NFL returns to L.A.

Good morning. It is Wednesday, Jan. 13. Tattoo parlors in San Diego are offering to remove Chargers ink if the team moves to Los Angeles. "If they leave, football is dead," said one fan. Here's what else is happening in the Golden State:



NFL in L.A.

A 21-year journey came to an end Tuesday: The National Football League gave the St. Louis Rams the OK to move back to Los Angeles for the 2016 season. The team will eventually play in a new $3-billion stadium in Inglewood that is expected to open in 2019. "They made the right decision," Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said. "It's such a natural to have the Los Angeles Rams back in Los Angeles. The San Diego Chargers also have the option of moving to L.A. Los Angeles Times

Happy fans

In Los Angeles, fans celebrated the 30-2 vote to return professional football to Los Angeles. "I love it. I live two blocks away. ... I'm hoping to get a job there," said one man after hearing the news. However, one of the downsides of opening a new sports stadium could be traffic. "This is typically an area not used to having any traffic on a Sunday at all. You've got to give that a look," said L.A. City Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson, who represents parts of South L.A. Los Angeles Times

New leader

Fifteen months ago, Michelle King was passed over for the job of interim superintendent at the L.A. Unified School District — a job she asked for. So what changed in the minds of school board members who this week hired King as the new superintendent? "Some of the big names the LAUSD wanted demurred. Others looked less promising on close review. And in the end, King impressed." Los Angeles Times


Let it snow: The northern Sierra Nevada could get 2 feet of snow this week. The storm is expected to be particularly strong on Wednesday night and could shut down mountain roads like Donner Pass. "These are typical winter-type storms for Northern California. And that's what it's going to take to get out of the drought," said Karl Swanberg, a forecaster with the National Weather Service's Sacramento office. Los Angeles Times


Jackpot: In Beverly Hills, homeowners are sending their maids and gardeners out to buy them Powerball tickets. "They buy from one [ticket] to $1,000, $2,000, $3,000," said one gas station attendant. That's what happens when there is a record-breaking $1.5 billion on the line. Los Angeles Times

Bunnies and a grotto: Now that the Playboy Mansion is officially on the market for $200 million, here are some of its selling points: 29 rooms, five acres of land and a zoo license. Curbed LA


Policing police: Advocates are pleased that Los Angeles County officials are finally moving forward with an oversight commission for the Sheriff's Department, but some are questioning the wisdom of allowing former sheriff's officials to serve on the panel. "You want the best people to be part of causing that to happen, irrespective of their discipline," said Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas. Los Angeles Times

Race is on: Two Assembly members in safely Democratic districts will face intra-party challengers this year. One politician says Assembly members Cheryl Brown and Mike Gipson are being challenged by environmental interests upset over the way the two voted on high-profile climate-change legislation. Sacramento Bee


Religious guidance: The pastor of Saddleback Church, Rick Warren, is now advising Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio on religious liberty issues. However, the move should not been seen as an endorsement, Warren said. "In this election cycle, I know most of the candidates on both sides who are running for president, and many have been friends for years, but they all know that I never endorse," he said. Orange County Register


Scary moment: A KTLA reporter who was reporting live from the Hollywood Walk of Fame got a fright when a man came up behind her and made a sexual remark. Reporter Mary Beth McDade screamed and the suspect ran off. Police officers do not consider the incident "an attack." Los Angeles Times


All out of caviar: It's the ultimate First World problem: waiting in line for hours just to get on a shuttle and go to a Golden Globes after-party. "This is like waiting to get off the Titanic," said one woman. Another actor: "I feel like I'm in a prison junk yard." The Wrap

Controlling the flow: A look back at the relationship between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Los Angeles River. KCET

One-room shack: A sad comparison of how far rent goes in San Francisco compared with cities around the world. BuzzFeed

Old stomping ground: This photo gallery offers a peek at the history of San Francisco's west end. "There was a time when the west end was bustling with attractions and landmarks." SFGate



San Francisco will have rain and clouds with a high of 57. Los Angeles will have sunshine and a high of 65. Riverside will have sounds clouds and 64 degrees. San Diego will be sunny and 65.


Today's California Memory comes from George Covino:

"After three days driving across country from Boston in a loaded SUV, including two cats, we watched the temperature rise as we descended into the Coachella Valley. By the time we got to Ramon Road by the Palm Springs International Airport, the thermometer in the car read 124. While we have since acclimated to the desert heat, my husband turned to me and said, 'We are moving to hell.'"

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