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Good morning. It is Monday, Dec. 7. During the 1960s, Chuck Williams brought kitchen tools to the masses with his Northern California hardware store, Williams-Sonoma. Williams died Saturday at the age of 100. Here's what is happening in the Golden State:


Presidential address

President Obama addressed the nation from the Oval Office Sunday night, seeking to reassure Americans that “we will overcome” terrorism. The president said last week’s shooting in San Bernardino highlighted the challenge in battling a group like Islamic State, which uses the Internet to lead people down “the dark path of radicalization.” “This was an act of terrorism designed to kill innocent people,” he said of the shooting that left 14 dead and 21 wounded. Los Angeles Times

Grass-roots reaction

In San Bernardino, now the site of the deadliest terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11, residents watched the president's speech and debated. “The president did not pat us on the head and say, ‘Things will be all right.’ He’s got a strategy,” said one. “I don’t think the president made that much of a difference when it comes to making people feel less anxious,” said another. Los Angeles Times

California State University faculty are upset about a new policy requiring an extensive background check of all job candidates. They say the screening is intrusive and could potentially freeze out qualified applicants. Cal State officials say it is intended to create a safe environment for students and staff. Los Angeles Times


Inside the ER: “MASS SHOOTING. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.” That’s what nurses saw on their computer screens Wednesday morning after two assailants opened fire on the Inland Regional Center. At Loma Linda University Medical Center, 12 doctors prepared for the victims as trauma teams assembled by the hospital’s doorways. Los Angeles Times

Peaceful understanding: At a memorial for the victims of last week’s shooting, a heated religious debate ended with handshakes between three Muslim men and an L.A. man clutching a copy of “The Islamic Invasion.” San Bernardino Sun

Media critique: A producer with Al-Jazeera is being criticized for a Tweet he sent about shooter Tashfeen Malik. Hashem Said suggested news outlets should not have shown a picture of Malik that exposed her face, as she typically kept herself covered with a veil. He’s since retracted the Tweet and apologized. SF Gate

Complete coverage: More about the San Bernardino attack. Los Angeles Times


Preparing for rain: It’s a good time to be a roofer in California. Property owners are assessing their roofs and gutters in preparation for the El Niño  storms. “It is El Niño crazy. Everybody is talking about it. We’ve been doing this 25-plus years, and it’s crazy compared with what it was two years ago,” said Doug Povee with Interstate Material Supply. Orange County Register


Regulating pot: The city of Long Beach is considering whether to end its ban on medical marijuana dispensaries. A public hearing will be held Tuesday to consider under what regulations pot shops could operate. Long Beach Press-Telegram 


Ahead of the curve: Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom continues to be on the forefront of controversial issues, from same-sex marriage to gun control. That could be a major advantage when his name appears on the 2018 ballot for governor. In the meantime, he’s supporting a gun control measure that will be in front of voters next year. “If the gun control measure makes the November ballot and wins, Newsom would be in the spotlight — and on the side of a majority of voters — just as attention turns to the 2018 races. That sort of timing is advantageous, and only partly in a candidate's control,” writes Cathleen Decker. Los Angeles Times

Working together: Gov. Jerry Brown and his predecessor Arnold Schwarzenegger are uniting in Paris to address climate change. “That is a very important message for the international community, that they should not look at [climate change] in a political way,” Schwarzenegger said. Los Angeles Times

End of term: Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins will step down in March. Assemblyman Anthony Rendon is expected to succeed her. When she is termed out of office, Atkins will run for the state Senate against incumbent Sen. Marty Block. City News Service


Mall robbery: A jewelry store robbery in Riverside set off panic among shoppers Sunday night when they apparently mistook the sound of breaking glass for gunshots, police and witnesses said. Some at the Gallery at Tyler mall thought it was terrorist attack. Los Angeles Times

Mother arrested: The mother of a newborn girl who was found buried alive in a crevice in Compton has been arrested, authorities said. The baby was discovered on the day after Thanksgiving. Los Angeles Times

Two shot: A man and a woman were shot early Sunday morning in Silver Lake, police said. The victims were shot in the legs; their wounds are not life-threatening. Eastsider LA 

Jail fight: The Men’s Central Jail near downtown L.A. was locked down Friday after a fight involving about 120 inmates, the Sheriff’s Department said. Ten inmates were treated for minor injuries and one was taken to a hospital after he reported having difficulty breathing. Los Angeles Times


Media sensation: Ryan Seacrest has come a long way from renting a room in Burbank for $375 a month. “In recent years, I don’t believe I’ve ever done anything on camera or on the microphone without thinking of the back-house opportunities and the next business play,” said the media mogul. New York Times

Competitive landscape: Can San Diego draw companies away from Silicon Valley? “Among 37 metro areas analyzed in the latest 'Technology Office Outlook' report, San Diego lies in what’s called the 'sweet spot' of areas with high startup opportunity and low cost.” San Diego Union-Tribune 


Pearl Harbor Day: Jim Armstrong of Pacific Beach found seven wooden talismans in his condo, along with a note from his mother saying that his father had taken them from a dead Japanese pilot. “I should try to return this,” he thought. And he's not alone: About once a month, the Japanese consulate in Los Angeles hears from someone who wants to repatriate items. San Diego Union-Tribune 

Happy Holidays: A California couple are continuing their annual tradition of the awkward holiday card. “We thought the Christmas card tradition was ripe for parodying just because of their inherently awkward nature,” said Mike Bergeron. Buzzfeed

Diverse population: Los Angeles is home to the largest Iranian diaspora in the world. This photo essay looks at “Tehrangeles.” New York Times 

Reunited … and it feels so good: An orange cat named Ginger was reunited with her family in Marin after an eight-year absence. SFist


San Diego will be partly sunny and 77 degrees. In Los Angeles, it will be partly sunny and 80 degrees. Riverside will have a high of 82. San Francisco will be cloudy and cool at 60 degrees.


This week’s birthdays for notable Californians:

Rep. Duncan Hunter (Dec. 7, 1976), Dodger Yasiel Puig (Dec. 7, 1990), Rep. Mark Takano (Dec. 10, 1960), state Sen. President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon (Dec. 10, 1966), state Sen. Isadore Hall (Dec. 10, 1971), and Rep. Anna Eshoo (Dec. 14, 1942).

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