Battery recycler Exide closes after scrutiny

Exide Technologies, a Vernon battery recycler, has long faced scrutiny for spewing lead and arsenic into neighborhoods in southeast Los Angeles County. Here is a selection of Los Angeles Times coverage of the pollution, the legal case against Exide and its aftermath.

L.A. County to set up strike team to look at oil and gas wells

Los Angeles County supervisors voted Tuesday to set up a strike team of fire, public health and planning officials to look at the safety of oil and gas fields in unincorporated county areas.

Gov. Jerry Brown wants state to put $176 million toward Exide cleanup

Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday called on the state to spend $176.6 million to speed up the testing and cleanup of potentially thousands of lead-contaminated

Exide hit with federal grand jury subpoena over Vernon battery plant

Exide Technologies received a grand jury subpoena in connection with a criminal investigation involving its Vernon battery recycling plant, an SEC filing shows.

Director of state toxics agency to step down

Exide to temporarily lay off nearly all workers at its Vernon plant

The company notifies 124 employees of the layoffs after its shutdown last month by air-quality regulators over pollution concerns.

Vernon battery recycler denied permission to resume lead smelting

Exide Technologies must comply with new rules on arsenic emissions before being allowed to resume lead smelting.

Vernon battery recycler again in trouble over lead emissions

An air monitor on the northeast side of the Exide Technologies plant picks up lead levels in violation of public health regulations.

Vernon's Exide battery plant: An environmental wake-up call

Air quality district OKs Exide's plan — with misgivings

Plan aims to curb health risks from Vernon plant with a history of lead and arsenic emissions, but key official expresses doubts about company's commitment.

Angry residents confront state officials over Exide plant

Neighbors of the Vernon battery recycler urge the state to shut it down after the discovery of high lead levels in nearby homes.

Lead worries deepen near Exide plant in Vernon

Discovery of potent neurotoxin in neighbors' yards compounds fears of pollution from the Vernon battery recycler.

L.A. County to create toxic pollution 'strike team'

The Exide battery recycling plant in Vernon is first on list for the team, which will include health officials and prosecutors.

High lead levels in soil near battery plant prompt health warnings

State regulators order Exide Technologies to perform more testing after elevated amounts of lead are found in the soil of homes and a preschool near the South L.A. plant.

Paramount residents not alone in pollution fight

Paramount case shows that getting action on local pollution, often in low-income areas, is difficult and takes too long, activists say.

State toxics department seeks $4.5-million increase in funding

Director tells Senate panel the extra funding would help fix California's system for tracking hazardous waste, among other problems.

Exide recycling plant exceeds lead limits again, officials say

Amid air quality regulators' efforts to temporarily shut down the Vernon plant, production is cut due to lead emission violations.

State agency slow to protect public from toxic waste

The Department of Toxic Substances Control is supposed to use regulations, fines and the threat of legal action to protect the environment. But its oversight is often ineffectual.

Residents urge closure of Exide battery recycling plant

A hearing focuses on arsenic and lead emissions from Exide Technologies' plant in Vernon. The company says it has cut emissions.

Crowd voices anger over Vernon battery recycler

At a meeting called by lawmakers, crowd calls for officials to shut down Exide Technologies over dangerously high emissions of lead and arsenic.

Exide records excess lead emissions, despite cutbacks

Battery recycler will meet with air quality officials to discuss additional action to curb emissions. Firm says it's in compliance.

Value of blood tests near Exide recycling plant questioned

Elected leaders pledge to fight Vernon battery recycler

Elected leaders pledge to marshal their political power to sway regulators to close a Vernon battery recycler.

Trash talk and the real dirt on a 'toxic tour' of Los Angeles

A 'toxic tour' aims to show officials the environmental consequences of their decisions in low-income communities in southeast L.A.