Today: To Live Is to Fly

I'm Davan Maharaj, editor of the Los Angeles Times. Here are some story lines I don't want you to miss today.


Popping the 'Pink Viagra' Pill

After years of lobbying the Food and Drug Administration, women have an approved treatment for low sexual desire. Often called the “pink Viagra,” flibanserin is the first prescription drug certified for female patients with low libido. Many welcome the decision, but read why medical skeptics and those critical of drug companies’ influence have concerns.

Old School, New School

NBCUniversal, that old media conglomerate, has plunked down $200 million on BuzzFeed, the digital upstart. BuzzFeed serves up an array of content from investigative reports to cat videos aimed at audiences glued to mobile devices. NBCUniversal wants in on the action. What might this partnership produce?

Everybody's Talkin'

Antonio Villaraigosa knows his way around politics. California Assembly? Check. Los Angeles City Council? Check. L.A. mayor? Check. U.S. Senate candidate? Uncheck. Gubernatorial candidate? We’ll see. After deciding against a run for the Senate, the Democrat is taking a “listening tour” of the Central Valley. He's not the only heavyweight politician eyeing the 2018 governor's race.

Into the Woods

The San Gabriel Mountains National Monument has forests and streams and spectacular vistas. It also has trash and graffiti and road kill. And even though President Obama designated its upgraded status last year, there isn't necessarily enough money to improve or even maintain it properly.

A Magnificent Man in His Flying Machine

He calls it an airplane. Someone else might call it a car engine strapped to a propeller with some wings attached. Gabriel Nderitu has built 13 airplanes in his backyard in Kenya. He’s now on his 14th attempt. This man obsessed is the subject of today's Great Read.


-- A killing in Santa Maria becomes a flashpoint in the debate on illegal immigration.

-- Sacramento lawmakers bring back an aid-in-dying bill at a special session.

-- L.A. County officials order an investigation of conditions at animal shelters.

--The Hollywood and Highland intersection will get a diagonal crosswalk.


-- Scott Walker offers an Obamacare alternative as he tries to regain footing in the GOP race.

-- The first women are graduating from Army Ranger school, but some jobs remain off-limits.

-- There aren't enough firefighters to fight all the Western wildfires.

-- As an immigration backlog surges, some overwhelmed judges retire.

-- A second Democrat, Sen. Robert Menendez, opposes the Iran deal.


-- In its 60th year in service, the U-2 spy plane is on a new mission.

-- Ford recalls thousands of F-650 and F-750 trucks.


-- Going into the new college football season, the big question for UCLA is at quarterback.

-- Just how ready is Lance Stephenson for his first season with the Clippers?

-- Boston may have underestimated Olympic costs by more than $900 million.


-- Bud Yorkin, who teamed with producing partner Norman Lear to bring “All in the Family” to television, dies at 89.

-- Remembering the 1972 Wattstax concert.

-- L.A. Opera will simulcast its season opener starring Placido Domingo.


-- Is Ultimate Frisbee worthy of Citius, Altius, Fortius? The New Yorker has the story.

-- The Atlantic explains how doctors might become more willing to discuss death with patients under Medicare's new reimbursement plan.


Suppose you like to fly first class. And suppose you have a pet you want to pamper. You're in business. Now certain flights from L.A. and San Francisco to New York will give you the option of transporting your dog or cat in ventilated first-class pet cabins. Sit. Stay. Enjoy the flight.  

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