Stanford sexual assault case

Recall effort of judge in Stanford rape case gains steam and political allies

Instead of losing steam, the recall effort is attracting big time political operatives and groups

The Stanford rape case judge messed up. But does it make sense to recall him?

The Internet exploded several weeks ago when Brock Turner, the Stanford rape case assailant, received a sentence of only six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman.

Rape bill in response to Brock Turner case shows how headlines trump thinking in criminal justice

Lawmakers are now repeating their mistake by rushing to pass more headline-driven bills tailored to the circumstances of a particular case and the highly unpopular sentence that followed.

Prosecutor calls for mandatory prison for sexual assaults like Brock Turner's

Santa Clara District Jeff Rosen called for mandatory prison terms for anyone convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious and intoxicated person.

Around Town: Taking a look at the Brock Turner case

If you like reports, take a look at these. The Brock Turner case file is now online at the and the on-campus crime statistics report can be found at .

A German rape case with overtones of Stanford and a twist: Accuser is fined over her testimony

A German model who said she was drugged and raped by two men after a night of drinking in a Berlin club is fighting a court ruling that dismissed the charges.

Recall of judge in Stanford rape case poses 'threat to judicial independence,' lawyers say

Although more than 1.2 million people signed an online petition to oust a Santa Clara County Superior Court judge from the bench, officials say no effort has been made to launch an offic

Brock Turner's sentence is another sad case of leniency because of 'affluenza'

To the editor: Brock Turner and his parents are yet another "affluenza" family. The convicted felon failed to take responsibility for the sexual assault he

Prosecutors 'lack confidence' in Stanford sex assault judge — and that could be a big problem for him

The judge who sentenced former Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner to six months in jail in a sexual assault case is facing a recall effort as well as

Prosecutors remove judge in Stanford swimmer sex assault case from new sex crimes case

Prosecutors want judge in Stanford swimmer sex assault case off new sex crimes case

Juror in Stanford sex assault case appalled by 'ridiculously lenient' sentence for Brock Turner

Juror who helped convict a former Stanford University student-athlete of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman thinks the “ridiculously lenient” jail sentence made a mockery of the jury's verdict.

'Look at him. He won’t survive it': Brock Turner's mom begged judge not to put him in prison

The mother of a former Stanford University swimmer, whose six-month sentence for a campus sexual assault sparked outrage, pleaded with a judge, saying he wouldn’t survive in prison.

Some Stanford graduates protest during Sunday's commencement ceremony

A handful of graduating Stanford seniors waved signs at Sunday's commencement ceremony showing support for victims of sexual assault and urging the university

Stanford rape case: Protest planned at graduation

Brock Turner's sentence proves again the advantage of being white, well-off and educated

Brock Turner's sentence proves again that in America's courtrooms, being white and educated mitigates your culpability.

Juror slams judge in Stanford rape case, calls sentence 'a mockery' amid recall push

Juror slams Brock Turner judge, calls light sentence 'a mockery' as recall push intensifies

Stanford swimmer convicted of sex assault lied about never partying, documents show

The Santa Clara County Superior Court released the entire case file early Friday on Brock Turner, a former Stanford University swimmer convicted of sexually assault a woman.

California political heavyweights join effort to oust Stanford rape case judge

Political professionals and a political action committee join the effort to remove the California judge who sentenced a former Stanford student to six months in jail for a campus rape.

Stanford rape case: How can Brock Turner accept responsibility for his actions if his father excuses them?

Throughout his letter to the judge, Brocker Turner's dad reveals a "my child can do no wrong" mindset.

'I can't believe what you did.' Judge in Stanford sexual assault case slammed by potential jurors

"I can't believe what you did." Judge in Stanford sexual assault case slammed by potential jurors

Stanford rape sentence unusually light, legal experts say

Outrage over six-month sentence handed to former Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner last week following a sexual assault conviction has sparked an effort to recall Santa Clara County Superior Court judge Aaron Persky, but any effort to unseat the judge will be extremely difficult, according to experts.

Sexual assault survivors shouldn't have to be eloquent to get justice

A look back at some of the most interesting opinion pieces of the week

Criminal sentencing decisions belong to judges, not the outraged public — even in the Stanford sexual assault case

The sentence of a Stanford student convicted of sexual assault on an unconscious 22-year-old woman demonstrates inherent justice system vulnerabilities

Prosecutors release moving 12-page statement from woman raped by former Stanford swimmer

The 12-page victim's statement that went viral, written by the woman raped by a former Stanford swimmer

'I made a mistake': Two women apologize for letters supporting Stanford rapist Brock Turner

Two women who penned letters defending former Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner has have rescinded their support, saying they didn’t realize severity of his actions.

Stanford sexual assault case: When is it right for voters to oust a judge?

Voters should not oust the state judge who handed down the light sentence in the Stanford sexual assault case on the basis of that decision. But then, when should judges be dumped?

If a judge sentences a convicted sexual predator to just six months in jail, does he really belong on the bench?

This was no he said/she said, and yet a judge only sentenced Brock Turner to six months. "Enough," says the Stanford law professor who is leading a recall of the judge.

Former Stanford swimmer likely to serve only half of 6-month sentence for sexual assault

Brock Turner could be released as early as September after serving only three months of his six months jail sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious wom

Victim in Stanford sexual assault 'was not given dignity,' attorney general says

brock turner stanford sex assault

Light sentence for Stanford swimmer in sexual assault 'extraordinary,' legal experts say

Stanford swimmer, sex assault, sentence

Swedish grad students who pinned down Stanford sex offender speak out

Two graduate students who said they witnessed Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner sexually assaulting a woman on campus have spoken out this week.

The dangerous irony of rape accusation culture

A terrible crime may be unnecessarily and unwittingly diminished by those seeking to fight it.

Former Stanford swimmer blames 'party culture and risk-taking behavior' for sex assault

A Stanford University swimmer, who sentenced to six months in jail for sexually assaulting a woman behind a dumpster on the campus, blamed a “party culture and risk taking behavior” for his a

Father of former Stanford swimmer reportedly refers to sexual assault as '20 minutes of action'

The father of former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner, convicted of sexual assault, reportedly referred to the assault as "20 minutes of action" in a pre-sentencing statement.

Brock Turner case: Justice shouldn't be put to a public vote

To the editor: The father's comments about "a steep price for 20 minutes of action" certainly did not make the judge's sentencing decision for convicted sex

Former Stanford swimmer convicted of sexually assaulting unconscious woman on campus

A former Stanford University swimmer was convicted Wednesday of sexually assaulting a woman he met at a fraternity party.

Former Stanford swimmer pleads not guilty to rape, assault charges

A former Stanford University swimmer pleaded not guilty Monday to several felony charges of rape and sexual assault.

Former Stanford swimmer accused of raping unconscious woman on campus

A former Stanford University swimmer will face several felony charges after prosecutors say he raped a  woman as she lay unconscious on campus grounds.