For the Record

For the record

Clippers: In the July 9 Sports section, an article and a column about DeAndre Jordan re-signing with the Clippers misspelled Edgar Allan Poe’s middle name as Allen.

L.A. bond firms: In the July 7 Business section, an article about Southern California bond firms’ reactions to the Greek debt crisis referred to Western Asset Management Co. as the third-largest bond firm in Los Angeles. It is the company’s family of bond mutual funds that rank third in L.A. Also, the article suggested that, in terms of performance during an eight-month period, Pacific Investment Management Co.'s Total Return fund ranked ahead of TCW Inc.'s Metropolitan West Total Return Fund, which ranked ahead of DoubleLine Capital’s Total Return Fund. In fact, DoubleLine was ahead of Pimco, and MetWest was third among the group.

San Francisco shooting: In the July 8 California section, an article about the slaying of a San Francisco woman quoted a man at the courthouse for the suspect’s arraignment who claimed to be victim Kathryn Steinle’s uncle. Police say he is not related to the family.